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exclusive interview with manas dhanjal

exclusive interview with manas dhanjal

tell us about yourself

i am 23 years old, studying dentistry. i am passionate about sneakers, games and art.

when did your sneaker addiction begin and which was your first sneaker?

i would say when i was 5 years old is when i got into it. my first sneaker was a pair of reebok's

currently how many pairs of sneakers?
i've got 9 pair of sneakers

most prized sneaker out of your collection and how much have you ever paid for one?

jordan 1 nyc to paris is my most prized collection and the max i've ever paid for any sneaker would be 71k for a pair of guccis.

current grails?

the red octobers.

what's your take on the hype culture in India and where do you think the future lies?

it's too mainstream, people know jordans and big brands only and not many designers. I don't think it'll ever change and people are still gonna keep their heads in js.

the sneaker drop you're most excited for?

none tbh, they're just changing colors and nothing else. though I'm excited for adidas x fog

take on thebckspace?

kinda excited for what they have to offer, hope they do better than mainstreet marketplace